Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hey Bruno,tonight we are having Mac & cheese with chicken...


How many 4 yr old's respond like this??

8 months

8 Months Old Today

It's so weird to think that just 8 short months ago Avery was the huge ball protruding from my abdomen.The last baby ever to kick me from the inside. It's bitter sweet.Although I feel 100% complete with the addition of her to our family,I just want to bottle her up and not let her grow up. She has gone from the pink little peanut who just laid there to a beautiful baby girl full of personality and sass!

Avery's favorite things:
Her brothers-she will only laugh aloud for them
Her Uncle Marty and the stupid way he calls her "Pookie Pookie"
Rubbing Mommies Tiffany's necklace-my girl has taste
Watching Blue's Clues
Her Binky
Taking a bath
Leaning backwards when Daddy is holding her giving herself a head rush
Saying "Dada"

The day we welcomed Avery into the world June 27th,2007

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mary's 40th

Avery and I flew to Maryland this past weekend to surprise my sister for her 40th birthday. We had such a great time with all my family. Only my mom had seen Avery and my sister Mary last saw her when she was 3 days old.It was so much fun to show her off to the fam!

Me and the birthday girl
My sisters-
Mommy and Avery
Me and my niece's
Me and my niece Morgan-she is older than me
Avery on the plane ride there
Avery and her cousins
My sisters face when she saw us!
I was chopped liver-she just wanted to see the baby
Hahahaha-then Avery puked all in her hair-Happy B-day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Bruno

The images didn't come up in the right order but I well you get the point. My baby is growing up..he really hasn't changed that much.

Bruno Oct 07
Bruno Dec 07
Bruno Feb 08
Bruo Dec 05
Bruno March 06
Bruno July 05
Bruno Jan 07
Bruno April 07
Bruno March 04
Bruno May 04
Bruno Sept 04
Bruno October 04
Bruno May 05

My Bows Suck

Yeah,I have called it quits on my little bow making adventure.
I found a team of sisters who own a bow making business...
I ordered Avery a bunch of new bows from them,I highly recommend them!
After I buy the ribbon,find time to make the bows,spend hrs making them ,
then the clean up,ahh!!
It is well worth just paying someone else...
plus they have way more talent than I do.

Monday, February 18, 2008

FL Sate Fair

Saturday was family day,finally Bobby had off on a weekend!
We had a wonderful/hot/expensive day at the fair.
You would think after all the money they make there,they would offer a dental plan to all the carnies!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

14 things I love

1. My wonderful husband who many people just see as a big ass hole.I admire his emotional strength, I adore his sarcasm and I appreciate that he doesn't keep his heart guarded when with me

2.My Drew(bie) for teaching me what a mothers love feels like. For his desire to succeed even though he struggles with a developmental delay and for his consistancy in asking me every day to buy him a McFlurry even though I always say no.

3. My Bruno for crawling in our bed every morning w/ a smile on his face,for being able to go to sleep at midnight and still wake up at 6am happy as can be and for making Drew a big brother.(one day he too will appreciate it)

4. My Avery-for giving me a chance to do everything I ever wanted to do as a little girl-For the way she will only say DaDa! and for just flat out being an answered prayer.

5.My Mom although she is a little nuts I would give anything to have her live here.She has such a strong desire to feel needed..which leads into my floors scrubbed,dinner cooked and my kids babysat!

6.My sisters all 4 of them-for caring so much they seem like 4 more mothers at times

7.My nieces who feel more like my sisters.

8. My brother who although most days is a complete ass,I know he would give me and my kids the shirt off his back if need be

9.My friends the ones who listen,respond and care and who comment on my blogs

10.Bobby's friends who have excepted me as their own and actually like me more than him..hehe

11. I love packing a bag and going to the beach for the day with my family

12. I love pictures of my kids and myself

13. I love going shopping with Avery

14.I love dreaming of my future and where Bobby and I will be-how our kids will grow,etc

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Parents night out

A Kid-friendly Valentine's Day.
Tonight I offered my daycare parents a date night.
We had 3 extra kids join us tonight on top of my 3...
we watched Diego's Valentine movie,played outside,
made Valentine cup cakes,chocolate covered strawberries
and ate heart shaped grilled cheese
w/ pink mashed potatoes!
Not to mention Mommy made herself a nice chunk of change!

He loves me....

He loves me NOT!!!
This is what Bobby brings in to me today as my Valentines Day he freakin kidding me?

Thank God,YES! He loves me!! Then 3 hours later he lays 2 envelopes on the kitchen table.One for an hour massage and another for a facial! Yay,good job Bobby!