Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

Take a look at this pic-it's from the 1st day of school 2 weeks ago.Notice how dark the photo is? Yeah,we leave our house by 6:30am!

My classroom!!! I love it! I have added a few more "Grace" touches since these pics were taken. Not to mention once you add 16 little friends,the classroom really comes to life!
I love my Mom's idea on hanging beach towels as the valances!!

Don't be jealous of my awesome bulletin board!!!

I am to tired to type any more right now but I wanted to get a few posts up while I had the time.But next weeks lesson plans wont make themselves. So it's good-bye for now!

Grace and B.Verra

Most of you who read my blog may not even know who he is.BUT for my fellow UFC followers,I had the privilege of meeting Brandon Verra a few weeks ago.Just wanted to share this ,cause it made me feel cool! Thanks-G

Starbucks and Avery

I will be the first to admit, I can't wait until Avery is old enough to really enjoy a day out shopping with Mommy.Stopping for Starbucks,going for mani's and pedi's. So Maybe I just started her a little young.

So,whats wrong with a 1 year old drinking a Vente Mocha Frappachino????
I tell you ,this..this is what wrong with it! She's a MANIAC!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

seriously has it been a month??

hello, I am not dead!! hahaha! It's already 12:21 am so I sure as heck do not have time to update my blog from everything that has gone on in the past month. I would be sitting here till 6am. So here is a brief little update :
  • went to MD on vacation
  • football season started for Drew-he made Varsity
  • I spent countless hrs and money in my classroom
  • my classroom looks amazing
  • I started back to work on Monday the 11th
  • I love my new job
  • The boys started school on the 13th
  • The boys love their new school!
  • My Mom is staying with us taking care of Avery,cooking,cleaning my house, doing my laundry and driving me crazy
  • Bobby turned 29 on the 16th
  • tomorrow we have a hurricane a comin!

hope to spend my "Hurricane Day" sitting in front of the computer blogging away but will most likely spend the day ironing and putting away laundry.

***I have tons and tons of pictures,I know it's hard to believe !! I will hopefully get them up by the end of the week for your viewing pleasure!!***