Monday, June 30, 2008

1st Birthday Party

What a wonderful 1st birthday party!!! Thank God for holding out the rain for us even though there was an 80% chance on Saturday. I guess I forgot to pray about the heat...ahhh it was a hot one!
Avery was spoiled beyond belief-I am still working on finding space for all of her new toys. Not to mention hanging up the massive pile of new clothes...thanks Grandma!!! And we still have her playhouse from my sisters being delivered on Thursday!

I uploaded tons of pics and just don't have the time or energy to arrange them in order. Enjoy them-it was such a special day!

Bruno pushing the birthday girl in her new car stroller from Granny
She just loves her new car!

The cakes! They were absolutely adorable but as you can tell the heat got the best of the big one and it started to fall over!
The cake/ present table-sadly this was taken before half the guests got there-you couldn't even see the table! She is one lucky 1 year old!!!
Handing her the cake after we peeled the fondant(sp) icing off!
Not so sure about this
Taken as we were singing happy birthday to Avery-Make a wish!!!!
Yummy-I love cake!

Making one heck of a mess
Everybody look at me!!!!
Dear God-I love this face she makes!
Mommy and Avery opening presents-OK-I will admit it,I enjoyed this part more than she did!
Her new beautiful and stylish dress from Grandma-once again this part is totally for me!
Ohhhh-look what Avery got-this was her favorite gift-her new princess car from Kat and Krista
The naked birthday princess with all her presents
Had to strip her down after the cake!!

At home in all her Birthday glory-seriously where am i going to put all this stuff?
Poor baby-no nap,cake,heat,an hour of gift opening= Avery asleep before we even had the van loaded

Mommy and her 1 year old-I am so blessed!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Avery

One year ago today, June 27th- My 3rd angel from heaven came into this world! What a year it has been! Tomorrow we are throwing her the party of all parties.I keep telling Bobby(every time he asks how much this is costing us) that I have been planning this birthday party since the day I found out she was a girl! So yes, she is having a pink princess party with 75 people!!!

Avery's 1 year old stats
  • Weight 22 lbs 8 oz
  • Length 31 inches long
  • Head Circumference 49cm (finally on her own growth curve,girls just got a big Ole' melon)
Below are some amazing pictures I wanted to share.From the moment we found out Avery was a girl , some awesomely gory c-section shots-do not look if you are squeamish) to a few recent shots of her.

Ultrasound shot at 18 weeks

Me holding my ready-made sign-I just knew from the moment I saw a positive sign that God was sending me a shopping partner for life. When the sonographer said,"It's a girl" I started sobbing uncontrollably-then I immediately started calling my sisters!

Waiting for her arrival
I know it's gross but come on-how freaking amazing is this???
Welcome to the world Avery Noelle
The first time I saw my princess-she looked just like Bruno!

First kiss from Mommy-look how tiny!!
Avery's hospital photo
Going home day!!!


Here she is my beautiful,sassy,loving,amazing pure blessing
from above one year later

I am not one for writing and I am finding it hard to come up with the words to describe how much I love and adore her.How do you do that?
All I can do is thank God for sending her my way.
She has made our family complete.
She has her Daddy wrapped around her finger and
her brothers are so very loving and protective of her.
(I feel sorry for her 1st boyfriend)

Happy 1st Birthday Princess

Thanks for letting Mommy play dress up with a real life doll everyday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bounce U

Not to much to blog about-just adorable pictures to share!

Avery LOVED bouncing
Drew ready to fight!!
And,Drew getting his face kicked in!
Bruno was cracking the ball,every time
Thank God Drew is an awesome football player cause baseball,Not so much!
He did master a double flip though
Peek A Boo!
Bruno going down the jumbo slide
Mommy jumping with Avery
Us again- may I point out how freaking AWESOME my legs look here?
Crawling away from me so she wouldn't have to get out!
Totally a fun way to spend our Saturday morning together while Daddy was on a conference call. Best part,it was only $5.00 for the family. Second best part,after jumping around for 2 hrs all 3 kids took a nice long nap!!!!

Summer lovin

Another wonderful family day at the water park!

Thank God for Daniel(our Manny) for letting us in free!

This was Avery's 1st time with us, she absolutely loved it! Bobby would dunk her under and the little stinker would come up, spit water in his face ,give him a high 5 and then giggle!!

Drew is now man enough to go down the BIG slide and Bruno got a helpful hint from a lifeguard on how to scoop ice cream under water to swim.
(It totally works-he used to just use his feet while his arms just dangled there,now he "scoops" and swims all over!)

Love this shot of Daddy and his girl!
Avery under water
Mommy and Avery in the water fall.
Bruno going down the slide
Avery trying to climb up the froggy slide
Playing in the fountains
I am a big girl-I can walk!!!

The typical Bruno pose when he sees my camera
Showing off that new top tooth
Drew going down the slide