Friday, March 28, 2008

On Good Friday I kept Drew home from school and took the boys to the beach. We called our sitter to stay home with Avery so I could focus my time there just with them. As much as I hate living in FL I know why people love it here. We had such a great day! Grabbed some subs,chips and slurpee's from Seven Eleven and played for hrs. They are at such a fun age to really enjoy the beach. We found a live conch , jumped waves and dug in the sand...ahhh! The Florida life!

Mr Hard Body Drew ..he is 8 and has a 6 pack
Mr Photogenic Bruno
Self taken shot!
Bruno hiding cause he didn't want to leave

This picture simple shows how much fun we were having!
Drew riding in on a wave..he doesn't quit have the boogie board thing down yet
Another great shot of Bruno
Mommy and her boys
Baywatch,here we come!

Avery's new face

All Easter weekend we couldn't get a picture of Avery smiling.
So we decided to join her in the bottom lip sucking...

Props to Nina

I have to give credit whee credit is do!

One of my very good friends Nina has lost over 100 lbs in a year! She doesn't even look like the same person! No surgery either..she has done it the old fashion way of dieting! Every time I see her it's like I have a new friend.I can't even express how much I admire her strength and dedication to better her life. OVER 100 lbs...that is so freakin amazing! Just look at the pictures! Go Nina,I am so proud of you and know I understand how hard it is!!!!

Grace and Nina March 28th,2008

Nina and Grace October 28th,2006

Avery's CT results

Ahhhhh! Well we got the results today and basically Avery just has a big head. BUT...then the Dr called back after speaking to the Neurologist and the Neurosurgeon at All Children's wants to see her next Tuesday to do his own measurement. The CT showed some extra CSF(Cerebral spinal fluid) and one of her ventricles is enlarged. According to out pediatrician this is nothing to worry about.His exact words to me were,"Just think of it as another place you get to dress Avery up and show her off to new people."He does not seem concerned at all because she has no signs of a developmental delay. But it still worries us to death! I have googled this info all day,and I am still clueless. So I really don't have any answers at this point. Her appointment is late Tuesday afternoon and Bobby and I both agree that we are not going to leave there without any answers. Until then I am going to try not to worry..HA! Who can do that???

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Avery's CT scan

On Tuesday Bobby and I took Avery for her for her 9 month check up.
She is 20 lbs and 29 inches,developmental right on track.
Her head circumference is 48 cm's which is way off the charts.
We have always joked that Avery has a big noggin like her brothers
but this time it's not so funny.

Dr Vaughan showed me her growth curve and her head has just shot straight up, it's not even on a curve of it's own. I was alarmed over this at her 6 mouth check up but we just pawned it off on it being hereditary. With all that said Dr Vaughan gave us a script with a diagnosis of Macrocephaly (big head) We had an appointment today at All Children's Hospital for a CT scan of her brain.

When we asked what could this mean he gave us several possibilities. It probably is just genes...Bobby and I both have big heads,and have you ever seen Marty my brother?
Another possibility is hydrocephalus, which is where they would put a shunt in her head to drain the Cerebral Spinal Fluid into her belly or God forbid it be some sort of tumor.

We get the results back tomorrow morning so all you parents out there reading this know we will not be sleeping this evening. My stomach has been in knots since Tuesday and I have Avery's name on every prayer list I know. I have a strong faith in God and know that my beautiful baby girl is in his hands which brings such a peace to my heart.

Avery was such a trooper! She just let them strap her up in a little blanket thingy,strapped her head down and she just laid there sucking her binky...I think it helped that they had sugar-water to dip it in! The hardest part was not letting her eat 4 hrs prior to the CT.

I on the other hand was a mess.To see your baby strapped down and put in such a huge machine,knowing in the back of your head that the results could be absolutely awful...I did my best to not burst into tears.

I will update everyone tomorrow when we get the results-

Monday, March 17, 2008

She's mobile

The most beautiful song

Does anyone have Celine Dion's CD Miracle? If not go buy it!
Every night when I put Avery to sleep I put it on in her room.The very first song is the title track,just try to listen to it without tearing up!

This song sums up exactly how I feel as a mother.

you're my life's one miracle
everything I've done that's good
and you break my heart with tenderness
and I confess it's true
I never knew a love like this 'till you

you're the reason I was born
now I finally know for sure
and I'm overwhelmed with happiness
so blessed to hold yu close
the one that I love most
though the future has so much for you in store
who could ever love you more?

the nearest thing to heaven
you're my angel from above
only God creates such perfect love

when you smile at me, I cry
and to save your life I'd die
with a romance that is pure in heart
you are my dearest part
whatever it requires
I live for your desires
forget my own,your needs will come before
who could ever love you more?

there is nothing you could ever do
to make me stop loving you
and every breath I take
is always for your sake
you sleep inside my dreams and know for sure
who could ever love you more?

(Steve Dorft, Linda Thompson)

Happy St Patty's Day

We started our St Patrick's Day by waking up to a mess!
The leprechauns took all the books off the boys book shelf and threw diapers all over Avery's room.

Then we noticed they filled our shoes with candy

The boys ate a festive breakfast of english muffins covered w/ green cream cheese and lucky charms on top,a glass of green milk and green grapes.
I sprayed the boys hair green and we all put on our St.Patty's Day gear.
You can't tell from the pictures but Bruno's shirt says,"Irish Girls Love Me".

I think this is the last year Drew will let me include him in my holiday photo sessions. I bought him shamrock socks and when I gave him them to wear I got
" the look "...the look that says,
" I am freakin 8 yrs old woman,
what makes you think you can dress me up like an idiot
and send me out in public?"

Angel's Bachelorette Party..for real

Not sure what happened in my attempt to post this yesterday.
Oh well! Here goes again-

Saturday night was my good friend from high school's bachelorette party.
I was the DD so I pimped out my van into the bachelorette funny!
We drove to downtown St Pete and back rocking out to my Party Starter Hip Hop Mix CD-Bust a Move ,U Can't Touch This,Walk This Way,Rump Shaker...
so many great ones!

We started our evening off at Tastings, a little wine tasting place in St Pete.
There is where we met Felipe-our new homeless,crack addict BFF.
After we all gave him some money,he taught all of us a secret hand shake and even posed for some pictures with us.

We then walked over to the restaurant and hit the bathroom
to sanitize our hands!
Dinner was wonderful.

To top our evening off we went to a club called Push.
It was fun but you know you are getting old when you would much rather be home in your PJ'S then out at 1am dancing.
Not to mention I bought these amazingly cute hot pink pumps to match my boa and they were KILLING my feet!

We all made it home safely around 2:20 a.m.
Last time I was up at that hour was when I was breast feeding Avery!

I can't believe I just said that out loud!
At the club-before I took my shoes off
The Bride-to-be and the bachelorette mobile
Dinner at Ceviche
Kristen and Grace
Blurry picture but here we are-Grace and Felipe BFF
Felipe! Clap,Clap,Snap, Snap ,point your finger and say,Nauh!
Bathroom break photo
Pucker Up!
Yes, penis staws were a big part of our evening!
Angel and my pimped out 05 T & C
Look out boys,here we come!
Tasting new wines
Beautiful ladies
Kristen and Grace reliving prom 1997

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drew-a sad video

OK-It breaks my heart to even post this on here but in a way it's therapeutic to admit we need help. For info -see Last Book you Read blog,it goes into detail on how our lives are raising a child with an impulsive behavior disorder.

Before you watch this video please note 2 things.

First-This is just a few seconds of a 2 1/2 hour battle over doing his homework

Second-Drew is a loving,kind and wonderful little boy. This disorder controls his moods,his frustration levels and how much he can handle at once. Although it was an everyday occurrence since we upped his Focalin to the next highest dosage and signed him up for after school karate-we have seen huge improvements.

my first blog video

Saturday, March 8, 2008

another new sign

I thought this one was perfect to hang in the hallway over the kids bedroom doors

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where the magic happens

Bobby and I got this beautiful bedding set from his grandparents for Christmas. I had it set in my head that we would not put it out until we got new bedroom furniture,well... I am not going to let this sit in storage for the next 5 yrs till we can afford that new bedroom furniture I want.
I want to get more throw pillows but for now I think it looks nice for what was a garage less than a year ago.

Amazing and a must watch

This was sent to me by a friend and honestly has changed my life. After listening to this man I now feel that I can be a better mother,wife,friend and person. This really spoke volumes to me I hope it does the same for you.

Nearest Book

Laurie tagged me-

1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages).
Life On A Roller Coaster Coping With The Ups and Downs of Mood Disorders
by Ekkehard Othmer,M.D.,Ph.D. and Sieglinde C. Othmer,Ph.D.

2. Turn to page 123

3. Find the 5th sentence

4. Post the 5th sentence on your blog
A person can be born with a genetic vulnerability to environmental influences.

Can you tell I have been really working on learning who Drew is and how to accommodate the child I have been blessed with? Although there are days I just want to shake him for his behavior issues, I know God chose me to raise Drew and I am up for the challenge.

For those of you who are not frequent readers or do not know my family personally. My oldest son Drew was diagnosed with ADHD,and impulsive behavior disorder,a developmental delay and a sensory integration disorder. Drew takes 15mg of Focalin daily to control his impulsiveness. He is a model student,even January's Character Kid at school. He is making amazing progress academically,going from a reading level 3 in Dec 07 to a level 11 currently.

Then we get home....
I have been so desperate to stop his "tantrums" that I have picked him up(he is 91 lbs)fully dressed and put him in an ice-cold shower to shock his central nervous system.I have video taped him so I could show medical professionals what I deal with.Let me state that all other adults outside of our home involved in Drew's life would never believe that he acts like that.Once I figure out how to upload a video here I will post one of his episodes for all to see. As stated by my brother,It looks like something you would see on 20/20.

Every morning when Drew wakes up we are unsure what child we are waking. Kind,sweet,loving,apathetic ,helper Drew or mean,miserable,crying,skittish Drew.We could do the same thing at the same time every day and we never know how Drew will respond to it. I have posted in the past all the methods I have tried,such as
-Reward Charts
-Taking privileges away
-Changed his meds
-having him see my raw emotions(crying)
-spanking(when he was younger)

I have been the nice mother,the mean mother,the understanding mother,the aggravated mother,etc.

Once again as stated by my amazing brother....Just like we wake up every morning to a different Drew,he wakes up every day to a different mother.Isn't that so powerful and true?? After hearing that I knew that I was the one who had to make the changes and then Drew will follow. So we have an appointment with a psychiatrist May 11th to get him evaluated then to set up behavioral therapy.I am quit interested as to what they will say/suggest.

Since the age of 2 Drew has been seen/evaluated by FDLERS,ADAPT,Project Challenge,Directions for Greater Mental Health, a pediatric developmental specialist,he has received OT and speech therapy throughout the years. NONE and I repeat NON of these "professionals" have helped us or given me answers to why Drew is the way he is let alone given me advice that works with him. I now realize that I have been holding on to this little piece of hope that Drew will hit a certain age and just outgrow it.Rather than realizing ,this is Drew and that as his mother it is my job to give him the best life possible and to help him to succeed in all areas the way he is.

I don't mean to come across like Drew is a burden because that is NOT what I mean-he is my first born true love - a true blessing and I would saw off both my arms if I thought it would help him succeed in life.

With all this said (wow-I really didn't expect to go off like that,guess I needed to get that off my chest.) I now have to decide what type of mother I am going to be to Drew and stick with it.And the worst part is ,I don't know!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pure Happiness

I really think I may have issues! Everyone teases me about my fridge looking like a show-room fridge from Best Buy.

Hello, My name is Grace and I am obsessed with my fridge being organized.

Labels forward facing,soda lined up,no open spots and lots of symmetry.

Ahhh,there is nothing better!

The big catch

Saturday my brother Marty and Bobby along with myself,Drew,Avery and Pacino(our dog) All went to the park for a little family fun.

The boys fished for the first time using live crickets as bait. Drew was not into it at all...he would get a bite,start reeling it in and the closer the fish got, the further he backed up screaming like a 3 yr old girl.

Bruno on the other hand was a huge fan! His very first cast he caught "Nemo"...although it was a fresh water fish,nowhere close to orange in color and had 2 good fins But who am I to correct a 4 year old filled with so much pride?