Wednesday, April 30, 2008

10 months old

We had such a busy week I didn't even have time to notice that Avery is now that much closer to One! I am so unprepared for this..OK,maybe it's denial! Within the last month she has turned into a new baby! Avery now...
  • Plays patty cake
  • Plays peek a boo
  • clicks her tongue
  • waves bye bye-to everyone!
  • stands in her crib screaming till I go in there
  • turns the tv on and off
  • pulls herself up and cruises around the furniture
  • eats anything and everything
  • says Dog,hi,bye bye and Dada

Can anyone tell me where my baby is?

10 years gone by so fast

The time has come! Although I left SHS to get married(idiot) and actually graduated a year early in 97,I am a Class of 98 at heart! 10 years has come and gone since my days high school days,how is that? One one hand it seems so much longer than 10 yrs when I look at pimpled face punk teenagers at the mall.Then on the other hand it seems like where has the past 10 yrs gone???
Thanks to Myspace I have reunited with many old high school friends that I had lost contact with. One of my closest friends Maria and I recently got together for a lunch date.It was so wonderful to catch up with one another and to reminisce. Our actual reunion is in Sept-I can't wait!

Maria and Grace Sophomore powder puff game
Disco rollerskating
Fast forward 10 yrs-Maria,Avery and Grace!


I think the Blues Clues thing has gone to far! Avery now will stand right at the edge of the tv to watch it.She is not like this with any other show-Believe me I've tried! I really wanted her to be into something girly,like Disney princesses or carebears...I know,I know-I have issues!

Not only does she stand there and watch Steve-If the TV is off she will crawl over there ,pull herself up and turn it on!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Classic Bruno

Bruno is a watermelon junkie!
The boy can't seem to get enough.
After Watermelon with every meal yesterday and twice for a snack,
I told him he had to choose something else healthy to eat.
He sulked and went into his room.
Well, I should of known better when the house was all to quiet!

Drew was at his Dad's,Avery was sleeping
and Bobby was next door at my brothers out front.
I open Bruno's bedroom door and he wasn't in there,
I yell out his name and hear a mumbled..."I'm out front Mom."
When I opened the front door-
this is what I found.

How could I be mad at this face???

Friday, April 25, 2008

Avery's Clues

Avery is in love! She cracks us all up with her infatuation with Blues Clues!
She will not watch anything else on TV(not that I want her to)
But the minute she hear 's Steve's voice she is
mesmerized for the next 30 minutes.
She now is attempting to sing along, she dances with the music,cracks up when mailbox screams"Maaaiiilll Tiimmeee"
and waves bye bye when the show is over.
Luckily both the buys were totally into Blues Clues as well.
Drew's room from 2 to 4yrs was decorated Blues Clues.
So I dug through an old box of some stuff I have saved
and found Drew's old Blue costume.
My niece had the purple blanket and Granny bought her a new talking
Blue doll that goes everywhere with us.

UFC Style

My sister drives into town to drop off my 14 year old nephew for the week while she goes and lives it up in Vegas with all her girlfriends.
Well, She wasn't gone for an hour and I get a
"Aunt Grace, don't come in here"
I proceed to open the bathroom door to find
Drew's face covered in blood ,with it pouring out of his nose.

Being that Drew is in karate and that Connor is a typical 14 year old....
They decided to hold their own little UFC main event in the boys room.
Can you guess who won by TKO???

You know your son is growing up when he doesn't come crying to you over a bloody nose but he asks you to take a picture so he can show his friends!!! He was so proud that he took it like a man
Drew with a MMA record of 0-0 Connor with a MMA record 1-0
(for those of you that don't follow UFC...MMA stands for mixed martial arts)

Slippin and Slidein

Granny is here visiting from Maryland and she brought the boys a new duel-racing Slip and Slide. It took a few belly flops and bruises to the knees before the boys remembered how to sail across the front yard effortlessly. We had lots of fun but Daddy wasn't so happy that we made a mud pit out of his freshly groomed front yard!

***notice Pacino in the background drinking the water off the slide?***

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mr Unorganized

Sometimes I wonder how Drew got every single gene his father has and not one of mine! He looks like his dad,he walks like his dad,he has the "Minshall dimples" on his lower back like his dad,he eats everything but mashed potatoes like his dad,he struggles at academics but excels in sports just like his dad
and he is so unorganized,

This is what comes home everyday from school in his backpack.
A crumbled mess of tests,art projects,completed school work and
all kids of other papers I have to flatten out to read!

So being the organized one in the bunch I made him a
"Papers to go home" folder.
I explained to him that every paper he brings home goes in this folder,one at a time and flat... So far so good!

Don't do this at home!

Hey,you know what sounds like a great idea???
Take 5 kids to a Devil rays game!
No,No, Double No!
Although the few pictures I took are cute,
this was by far not a night that will go down in the
family fun night book of memories.
I should of followed my instinct and stayed home with Bruno and the baby,but I felt so bad that he never gets to do big boy things...
well,there is a reason for that!

I also had my 9 year old niece and the little girl I watch a night who is also 9. Well unless it's about Hannah Montana or a Webkinz,they can't be bothered.
Drew really wanted to watch the game and
Bruno he just begged for food the whole hour we were there!
Out of all of the kids, Avery was the best behaved one there-
she just sat in her seat and chugged her bottle!
We spent a total on $120.00 for seriously 1 hour and
that put Bobby and I in a foul mood...
So what do you get with 4 grumpy kids,a drool faced baby and 2 ticked parent???
I tell you what you don't get,
A fun night!

So pretend like you didn't just read this blog and look how cute the pictures are !

Field Day

Friday was Drew's very 1st Field Day! I have such fond memories of my Elementary School days participating in field day events. Now back in the day, they used to do it up. We all had team shirts,we would sign up for events and there was a trophy awarded to the best team at the end of the day. So it was really important for me to be there for Drew.When Bobby and I walked in,his face lit up!
It was the school's first year doing a field day so it was a little bit chaotic. I really should be an events planner-Although I enjoyed spending time with Drew my mind was being overloaded with ideas on how I would pull off such an event! Plus with Drew having ADHD-We walked from event to event,waited for about a minute in line,then he would decide to go to another line..Ahhh!!!

The water in a bucket sponge race
Squeeze out that water
Bobby and Drewbie
Nothing like hauling a 93 lb 8 year old around!!
The potato sack race- I was just waiting for Bobby's feet to pop out of the bottom of the sack
Mommy and her big boy..who was too embarrassed to kiss me at school!
Giving it his all in the sack race
OK-Drew does not get those legs from me-look how long they are
Showing some School Pride
The flying leap

Although it felt like 100 degrees outside- I am so so happy we went and shared this time with Drew. It's so hard with 3 kids to give them all one on one quality time.Drew's teacher even sent me a thank you email for coming. It was funny the first thing out of Drew's mouth when he saw us was,"Where's Bruno?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vote for Avery-we need a new AC

So I am officially pimpin my kids out! Avery has the looks-so I entered her into her first baby photo contest! here is the link-Please vote!!!
OK,Please don't call DCF on me after viewing these pictures-BUT I couldn't resist-Don't all parents do this sooner or later?

Avery and the lemon
The priceless face!!
Humm?? That wasn't so bad-I'll have more
Ahhhh! Mom,why are you torturing me???
Relief!! A sip of water
Bruno started soccer 2 weeks ago and just loves it! We really don't have the heart to tell him that he doesn't have an athletic bone in his body!We think Bruno is going to follow after Mommy and Daddy and be a stage hog!But it's still fun to watch him try and great for him to get out and run off some of that 4yr old energy.Next year we will have him in acting lessons-ha!!!!

our handsome little soccer player
Going for a goal!
The "I am awesome and just made a goal" leap-but he really didn't make it..shhh! don't tell him!!
The winners tunnel
Daddy and Bruno after the game