Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thats all I wanted to say!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

my pitty party

Ok,I normally don't talk about how bad I have it cause I know how blessed I am..BUT.. I need to vent!
Christmas time is my very favorite time of the year-I love to decorate my house,I love to buy/give gifts,I love setting family traditions with my kids and visiting family and friends. Now we gave the kids a wonderful Christmas and thats all that matters.I just can't get over this feeling of sadness.
First off, non of my daycare kids parents gave me a thing. Now I am not a gift begger but how do you drop your baby off for someone to watch 60 hrs a week and not even give them a card??
Bobby and I weren't invited to a single party-no cookie bakes,kids party,work gathering-NOTHING! Every Christmas thing I took the kids to was a public event-which I took the kids to by myself ,since Bobby was working such long hours.
Then my sister who picked my name this year forgot to mail me my gift.I got an "I'm sorry,you'll get your gift next week" email on Christmas Eve. God forbid I do something like that -I would of been the talk of the family.
Next I get a call from another sister asking me what I want her to do about my b-day gift(she collected money from everyone and was going to get me a Coach purse)-That call was this morning and my b-day is tomorrow so I guess that means I wont have my b-day gift either.
I realize I sound like a spoiled little bitch from Sweet 16 who's Daddy bought her the wrong color Lexus but my feelings are truly hurt.
All I do is aim to please people-I am honestly a kind hearted person who would do anything for anybody.I hate that I get shit on -I feel like the Grinch in reverse-my heart is growing 2 sizes smaller! So just a heads up to everyone reading this... I am now a cold hearted bitch!

6 months old

6 months stats-

Weight 16.12 (75th percentile)
Length 27 inches (97th percentile)
Head circumferance 46 cm (off the charts)

My girl has long lashes and a big bucket head!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Aunt Lacey

Seriously,could my sister in law be any prettier??
She is who Avery gets her lashes from!


Wow, is it really over?

It has been such a wonderful holiday season.

Heres a little Holiday re-cap for you-

Night of the 23rd-We decorated cookies for Santa,wrote him a letter,sprinkled reindeer food outside,read 2 Christmas stories and kids were in asleep by 8pm
(Santa came 1 night early to our house this year-Drew's Dad has him on the 25th)

Bruno woke us all up at 6am on the 24th-and Santa had not only left presents and a note ,he left a huge mess of snow,dirt and cookie crumbs!
-No Reindeer poop this year!

And the jerk brought Bruno a drum set!

Drew loved all his gifts!

And to top it all off the kids got an awesome new swing set!

Avery' first Christmas was a hit!
She was happy just chewing on the wrapping paper-

The house after -ahhhhh!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Wedding+Open Bar+Bobby=

A good time had by all!

Our good friends Dan and Ashley tied the knot this past Saturday.

Dan had a bottle of Yaegar set aside just for him and Bobby,The pictures tell the rest of the story!

Bobby molesting the bride
Shots with the groom
Oh,yes...thats a napkin on his head
4 drunks
Rock on!
I just gave up at this point!

Avery and Mrs.Clause

Man,Santa needs to up-grade!
That is one ugly Mrs!!!

The Shrinking Boyens

Damn,we were fat! 3/20/05lookin good!-12/15/07

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rollie Pollie


Gingerbread House

Secret Santa

I gave Bruno $30.00 to do some shopping at his school's Secret Santa Shop. He had a list of who to buy for and a budget.

He comes home today with a bag of gifts.

Me: A penguin/bell necklace and a wallet picture holder
Bobby: a toy car
Drew: Dinosaur eggs that hatch when wet
Avery: A ruuber whale
Grandma: a ring
Grandpa: a travel mug w/ pictures of cars on it and a fishing pole-well,actually it's a cats toy.A plush pole with a toy fish on the end.

I can't stop laughing,my heart was filled with so much joy to see his little face-He was so proud of himself and you could tell he put allot of thought into each gift.

So I had to ask him why he chose those gifts

Here is his reply-
Me: Because you love necklaces and you take lots of pictures
Bobby: Now Daddy will play cars with me-him has his own
Drew: Drew loves to eat eggs and he likes Dinosaurs
Avery: Her can put her teeth on it and feel better
Grandma: I love Grandma
Grandpa: Grandpa lives by a lake and can go fishing and take his coffee????

Sunday, December 9, 2007

1 hour alone

This is what the boys room looked like when I sat them in there with a snack and a movie so i could clean the rest of the house and deal with diarrhea butt Avery.

When I went in to check on them,this is what they had done to the room.

Bunk Bed Hell

To make more room in the boys room we put their beds back together as bunk beds. Bruno on the bottom,Drew on top. The other night(early morning 5:15am) We were all sleeping and woke up to a load boom. Drew rolled right out of his bed in his sleep smack onto the train table.He hurt his back pretty bad,it was swollen and bruised. I cried my eyes out I felt like the worlds worst Mommy. Drew was in so much pain and I couldn't do a thing for him. After an early call to the Ped. he reassured me that if Drew wasnt't peeing blood and could touch his toes ,he was fine.
And if that wasnt't enough. This morning while playing pirates,he leaned a little too far out of the top and whacked his forehead on the ceiling fan. He now has a cut and a huge blue goose egg on his head. Yeah,it's time to take down the bunk beds.

I had to do it

I know I am a mean Mommy and made my daughter cry just for my happiness,but the earrings really do look adorable on her!

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Christmas house!

Is it possible that I could fit one more Christmas decoration in my house??
I love this time of year!
There is nothing better than putting the kids to bed,turning all the lights off,snuggling up on the couch w/ some hot coco(chocolate milk for us FL gang) and watching a movie while the Christmas tree glows..
I love it!
I just don't want to think about taking it all down and putting it away!
Last year we had just moved in to our house and I was 3 months preg w/ Avery so i was puking every 5 minutes.
I promised myself I would enjoy the holiday this year no matter how stressful things get and so far so good!
We have something Christmas related planned for every night in Dec.
From decorating the gingerbread house,to watching Christmas movies to seeing the Nutcracker!
Happy Holidays to you all!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winterfest 2007

Went to Winterfest at the Zoo last night.
It was such a blast!
The kids got to see Santa and his reindeer,ride rides,see over 500,00 lights and play in Frosty Foam Factory.
It was such a wonderful night!