Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving feast

So today was the long awaited Thanksgiving feast we have been practicing so hard for.Every morning going over our 5 songs,making our costumes,stopping at Super Walmart at 5am buying 15 pumpkin pies, preparing to entertain and feed 150 parents! Oh how I love being a teacher! BUT the best part is that I get the up close and personal info on my kids everyday...

Here is Bruno or shall I say, Brave Buffalo!

Brave Buffalo all into the hand movements to the songs-He is sooo our entertainer of the family

Displaying his Indian bead necklace

Here I am in my glory! Not Grace but Mrs.Boyens and for today,Princess red lips! I think I enjoy dressing up more than the kids do.
Bobby,the proud father and husband.I told him I was dressing like Pocahontas and when he saw me,he asked if he could Poke me in my Hontas!!!hahahaha
Me as the proud Mommy and crazy dressed up teacher!

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Angelle said...

You are so adorable! Your students must LOVE you!