Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I promise

I will never be one of those mothers that put her kids to bed watching TV,who grabs fast food cause I am just to tired to cook,who takes her blessings in life for granted....Yeah,I said all of that before I was a mother.
It's so hard to be a good Mommy,I have found myself doing all the things I swore I would never do.I have created a routine that needs to be broken.
So I promise,I promise my children I will read them a story each night,we will sit together at dinner time(it may be in a McDonald's booth) and I will thank God daily for the 3 wonderful blessings he has sent to me!


Laurie said...

*gasp!* You're not the perfect mommy?!?!

You still rock as a mom, even if your kids go to bed with the TV :)

I'm so happy you jumped on the blogwagon!

Angelle said...

Right there with ya, babe!

Can't wait to read about your family.

Angelle said...

What happened to your comments? I wanted to comment on the preschool post but there was no comment link.

EtainButterfly said...

You're a wonderful mommy!.... because you put your kids first... the perfect mother, family, child doesn't exist but you show them all the time how much you love them... and sometimes a kid needs a little pizza and movies at bedtime :)