Friday, August 31, 2007

worn out!

Last night I had 2 of my daycare kids spend the night. They are wonderful kids BUT the youngest cried ALL night long!! My newborn doesn't even do that!
I know I have to work to keep the lifestyle I am accustomed to but I am at the point right now where I wouldnt mind being on welfare,give up my daily trips to Target(yes,ME give up Target!) and just not work!!I just want a day with my own kids.I feel like I havnt got the chance to bond with Avery.I am always taking care of everyone else so I just pass her along to my mom.
My problem is I take on WAY to much!! I am now a mother of 3,running a 24 hr daycare,team mom for Drew's football team,on the parent committee at Bruno's pre-school question is where do I fit in time for me??? Please ,if you are reading this don't think I don't know how blessed I am to be home with my kids.I am just having a moment! I know you always want what you don't have but a huge part of me thinks it would be easier if I just went to work 5 days a week.Ahh well so much for my blog time ..the freakin kids are all awake! Maybe next time I get a chance to sit at the computer I will be in a better mood.I need a good cry and a hot bath!


Laurie said...

You do A LOT, Grace. You are totally entitled to have a meltdown every once in a while.

Maybe you could find a substitute for your daycare once a week to give you some time...?

Angelle said...

You are amazing and I could not do what you do. Everyone gets discouraged every once in a while, no matter what their situation.

Do you have to have the 24 hour daycare? Could you just have regular hours?

LeShayne said...

Oh gosh no wonder you're worn out! I hope you find some "me" time and some time with Avery!

By the way, love seeing some pictures of your kids - its been a long time - they were little last time we saw them!

Tiffanyrose said...

I am a friend of Lauries, I hope you don't mind, I read your blog sometimes. I too am a mother of three, run a daycare and have taken on various other activities. I too am trying to find some "me time". I know exactly how you feel. If you ever want to email or anything like that I would love to talk to you. If not, just know that there is another mom out there who knows exactly what you are going through. I hope things get better!!