Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Boys..ahhh!

I can tell you now I will probably have many blogs titled like this one.
Drew and Bruno really do love each other but boy do they fight! I had to run into 7 11 before football practice to grab Drew a water.I left the boys in the car and ran inside(doors locked)When I came back outside 3 minutes later,Drew was leaning back across the front seat screaming and Bruno was holding his nose crying. When I finally got an HONEST answer(Drew of course said he did nothing) Bruno then told me that Drew punched him in his nose. Drew fessed up and said,"Bruno told me I stink, so I punched him in his nose."Then Bruno chimes in and says,"Yeah,now I neber be able to mell again!"


Laurie said...

LOL. With you, of course.

I would NEBER laugh at you!

Angelle said...

Hey, when are you guys coming up here? Will you be here Friday night? We would love to see you, but we are leaving Saturday afternoon to fly to Florida for the week!