Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Happy Meal Toys

Like every great mother I took Bruno through the McDonalds drive threw last night af 8:45(after football) He gets a 4 piece nugget Happy Meal and we head home.
Once we got home he begged me to have a picnic on his bedroom floor,being that it is now 9pm,I let him.
Meanwhile I start doing some laundry and stuff around the house...
I keep hearing Bruno saying,"Ouch,my french fries".
After he said it about 5 times I go in his room and ask him whats going on
(I thought the fries were just hot)
He tells me his french fries keep hurting his fingers,and for me to look in his bag.
I grab the Happy Meal bag thinking I was going to feel hot fries BUT no...
I find a F*@#ing thumb tack!!
Can you believe this? My heart sunk to my feet!
What if he would of swallowed it?
What if those fries went to a little boy/girl younger than Bruno
and they didnt know better?
I called the number on the reciept and spoke to the manager who apologized
but offered me nothing!

Point of story: check your kids fast food before you give it to them!!


Mandi said...

AHH!! I'd call McD's corporate! That's unacceptable!! Sure it's not THUMB, but just the same he could've been seriously hurt!

Laurie said...

Geez. They really should do something about that. At least free fries or seomthing!

Rhiannon said...

I can't believe they didn't offer anything to you! That was pretty much like Dave's experience with Sonic though. He found a roach in his breakfast burrito and they offered him a 5 dollar gift certificate! Like he wants to go back and eat more roaches!