Thursday, December 27, 2007

my pitty party

Ok,I normally don't talk about how bad I have it cause I know how blessed I am..BUT.. I need to vent!
Christmas time is my very favorite time of the year-I love to decorate my house,I love to buy/give gifts,I love setting family traditions with my kids and visiting family and friends. Now we gave the kids a wonderful Christmas and thats all that matters.I just can't get over this feeling of sadness.
First off, non of my daycare kids parents gave me a thing. Now I am not a gift begger but how do you drop your baby off for someone to watch 60 hrs a week and not even give them a card??
Bobby and I weren't invited to a single party-no cookie bakes,kids party,work gathering-NOTHING! Every Christmas thing I took the kids to was a public event-which I took the kids to by myself ,since Bobby was working such long hours.
Then my sister who picked my name this year forgot to mail me my gift.I got an "I'm sorry,you'll get your gift next week" email on Christmas Eve. God forbid I do something like that -I would of been the talk of the family.
Next I get a call from another sister asking me what I want her to do about my b-day gift(she collected money from everyone and was going to get me a Coach purse)-That call was this morning and my b-day is tomorrow so I guess that means I wont have my b-day gift either.
I realize I sound like a spoiled little bitch from Sweet 16 who's Daddy bought her the wrong color Lexus but my feelings are truly hurt.
All I do is aim to please people-I am honestly a kind hearted person who would do anything for anybody.I hate that I get shit on -I feel like the Grinch in reverse-my heart is growing 2 sizes smaller! So just a heads up to everyone reading this... I am now a cold hearted bitch!


Grace said...

Oh yeah and nobody comments on my blogs-I have no friends-whaaaah!!!

Rhiannon said...

Yeah, I feel you. Try being a special ed teacher and watching all the general ed teachers rack in the gifts. It's sad year after year and you get nothing compared to what they get. It does rub you the wrong even when you are trying to be cheery and joyful. Happy Birthday by the way!! Sorry you are feeling blue.

Angelle said...

I would feel exactly the same in your shoes. I am in your boat as far as birthdays go and I feel you. The only one of my friends who remembered my birthday was Laurie. (I don't hold it against you, I know you don't know when my birthday is.) So Wahhhhhh! I hope you present is fabulous to make up for it.