Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Wow, is it really over?

It has been such a wonderful holiday season.

Heres a little Holiday re-cap for you-

Night of the 23rd-We decorated cookies for Santa,wrote him a letter,sprinkled reindeer food outside,read 2 Christmas stories and kids were in asleep by 8pm
(Santa came 1 night early to our house this year-Drew's Dad has him on the 25th)

Bruno woke us all up at 6am on the 24th-and Santa had not only left presents and a note ,he left a huge mess of snow,dirt and cookie crumbs!
-No Reindeer poop this year!

And the jerk brought Bruno a drum set!

Drew loved all his gifts!

And to top it all off the kids got an awesome new swing set!

Avery' first Christmas was a hit!
She was happy just chewing on the wrapping paper-

The house after -ahhhhh!

Merry Christmas!

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Mandi said...

I absolutely adore these pajamas!! Your kids are going to want to strangle you later when you show these pictures to their girlfriends. :) Awesome! Merry Christmas! Tell Bobby "Hello" from me. :)