Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Classic Bruno

Bruno is a watermelon junkie!
The boy can't seem to get enough.
After Watermelon with every meal yesterday and twice for a snack,
I told him he had to choose something else healthy to eat.
He sulked and went into his room.
Well, I should of known better when the house was all to quiet!

Drew was at his Dad's,Avery was sleeping
and Bobby was next door at my brothers out front.
I open Bruno's bedroom door and he wasn't in there,
I yell out his name and hear a mumbled..."I'm out front Mom."
When I opened the front door-
this is what I found.

How could I be mad at this face???


Angelle said...

Hey, I love watermelon enough to sneak out too! I can sympathize. :) Cute pictures.

Rhiannon said...

Very cute, there is no way I could get mad at that face!

Laurie said...

Holy Geez that's a big piece of watermelon to eat in one sitting!