Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Door Mat

Why is it,the nice guy finishes last? I just need a good cry and a girls night out(but as you are about to find out,I am not beggin anymore) It started with a little girl I babysat for the past 6 mths. Her parents loved me and I did everything in my power to give them the care I would expect for my children. I took pictures of this little girl and emailed them to the parents at least once a week. I'd host kiddie holiday parties,trips to the park,art projects,etc. Then she comes down with a terrible stomach virus which she past onto everyone in my family! I had to close down 1 day last week to re-coupe and sanitize the crap out of my house..no pun intended! Long story short, they refuse to pay me...or should I say her father refused to pay me. They terminated care with me and did not honor my contract by giving me a 2 week PAID notice. I love staying home and running my daycare business BUT I don't do this for the heck of it. My family depends on this 2nd income! There is so much more to this story but it's long and drawn out but the bottom line is I was screwed!(I really hate that word but it fits this situation)
I don't want this blog to turn into a pity party so instead of typing out my feelings on certain things I will just make a list of crap that happened to me this week that has made me feel like everyone is walking all over me!

-check my friends myspace profile and see new photos of a
birthday party we were not invited to

-said to 9..yes 9 friends,lets do a girls night out..lets get together..we need to hang out..lets meet at the beach...NONE of them have even responded

-find out that my sister who is coming into town next week is staying with her friend and not even going to be around but for one day to visit with me and the kids

-Set up 2 daycare interviews and both moms canceled on me 30 minutes before they were to show up

-attended a birthday party,in the rain and there were tons of people there!!! I host a freakin party and NO ONE shows up!


Laurie said...

I am all for a girls pity party. Want to meet me halfway?

Mandi said...

we could meet in jacksonville! I know a great place. :)

LeShayne said...

Augh! That is a lot of crap. I definitely know that feeling and its a horrible one so I am so sorry you are going through that. Hope it turns around soon.